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Feso Hair Follicles Renewal is our top selling hair growth product, with lots of testimonials. Grow your natural hair with our top of the range hair products that will protect your scalp from hairloss and repair damaged hair.

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Cosmetologist and business woman Leticia KudaMupawoseManyepxa is behind the innovation of the product we know as Feso hair follicles renewal. She decided to create this product following her return to her home country and observing that her clients had alopecia problems which originated from poor use of hair chemicals and hair products that destroyed their hair follicles.Driven by the desire to serve and help her clients she turned to nature where she found the weed called fest that grows in Zimbabwe and has been used for generations read more

How it all came to be…

Feso Hair Follicle Renewal

Hair loss is due to damaged hair follicles, caused by chemicals, braiding, infections, autoimmune conditions and genetic inheritance. Many people are affected by this and it’s not been easy to treat these problems for a long time now. Feso hair follicles renewal was created out of mixing science and nature, now has enabling us to reuse methods that have been used by our ancestors to keep their hair in good shape. For us it is correcting the damage that we have created with the poor use of chemicals and hair products that have been damaging to our hair read more

Take care of your hair by using natural products that provide the necessary nutrients and protection that your hair needs.

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